Upper School Textbooks 2019-2020

To purchase textbooks for the coming school year, please complete the following steps:


  1. Obtain your class schedule:

    1. Class schedules will be e-mailed to students by July 3rd. The schedules will be sent to the student's Banff e-mail account. If your student needs help accessing their Banff e-mail account, please contact Josh Harbour.

    2. Class schedules can also be accessed using the student's or parent's Alma account starting July 10th. If you do not know how to access your Alma account, please contact Josh Harbour.

  2. Read the Textbook Frequently Asked Questions outlined below.

  3. Using the links below, click on the course names that match with the courses listed on your schedule. Select a purchase option and check-out.


Do I have to buy my textbook through Direct Textbook?

You do not need to use the Direct Textbook link; however, it is one of the best search engines to find new, used, and rental textbook options.   Furthermore, Direct Textbook donates 3%-5% of your purchase back to the school.  That money will be designated for staff development.

Could I buy an online edition?

Some courses for the 2019-2020 school year have "iBook" listed. These are digital editions of the print textbooks that have been formatted specifically for use with the school-issued iPads. Only courses with "iBook" listed next to them are approved for digital editions of textbooks. For all other courses, students must have a paper copy of the textbook, either hardback or paperback.

My Textbooks says "iBook." What do I do?

Due to the security set-up of our iPad program, any content that needs to be purchased and loaded on to iPads is required to be completed by the school. For students enrolled in classes that have "iBook" listed, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the iBook textbook ($15/book) in early August. The iBooks will automatically appear on the student's assigned iPad during the first week of school.


Do I buy new or used textbooks?

Buy used when you can find them.  Encourage your student to write and highlight in the books. 


Is it OK to buy a used workbook?

Used workbooks may have some markings on the inside or not be in perfect condition, but they should be free of answers when you purchase them unless otherwise noted.  Unless they already have answers filled in, saving money by purchasing a used workbook is a good idea. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages to renting textbooks?

The main advantage is the cost, which can be 30% to 50% less than buying the book.  One disadvantage is that the rental period varies by rental company, typically ranging between 50 and 135 days. Most textbook rental companies allow you to extend your rental period if needed, but there is an additional cost. Another disadvantage is that some rental companies do not allow you to write or highlight in the textbook.  Always read the textbook company’s policies.


What if my English textbook does not coincide with my grade level?

Our English textbooks are collections of literature that are not grade specific.  The grade specifications are merely suggestions by the textbook authors. Instead of basing our courses around these suggestions, we are utilizing the textbooks as they integrate best with our curriculum.




  • American History

  • Government & Economics

    • iBook (1st semester)

    • TBA (2nd semester)

  • US History

    • TBA

  • World Cultures

  • World Geography

    • iBook​


  • Biology

    • iBook​

  • Biology II A & B

    • iBook​

  • Chemistry

    • iBook​

  • Physical Science

  • Science Junior High


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