Graduation Requirements

Before you can attend college, whether a 2-year or a 4-year school, you MUST graduate from The Banff School!  Banff offers two diploma plans as outlined by the Texas Education Agency: the Recommended Diploma and the Distinguished Diploma.  You and your parents/guardians must compare and choose the plan that works best for you.  Please note, though, that some colleges and scholarships require that students must be on the Distinguished Diploma plan to be considered as an applicant.  Mrs. Wasser will meet with each student every year to go over the plan and help you select courses with your diploma in mind.  However, ultimately you need to always be aware of what you have completed as well as what you need to take to fulfill the requirements.


Your grades, your GPA (Grade Point Average), and your class standing can also be vitally important in determining how you compare to other applicants to your chosen colleges.  The better your grades are---starting with your freshman year—the more opportunities will be available to you.  Also, since The Banff School uses a weighted GPA, you need to review your records at the completion of each semester to ensure that you receive proper credit for any Honors, Dual Credit, or Advanced Placement course you complete.  Resolve any discrepancies immediately; some things might be impossible to verify a year or more later.

A private, independent, college-preparatory school serving grades PreSchool - 12th grade.

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