Fine Arts @ Banff

The Banff Journey includes daily Fine Arts curriculum; both as standalone classes as well as curriculum integration for core academic courses. The Banff School believes that the inclusion of arts in a student's education is an integral part to the success of the student both academically, creatively and in our ever-changing world. This commitment to the arts at Banff, is one of our unique characteristics that sets us apart from other schools!

Performing Arts

The Banff Performing Arts program is based around a Musical Theatre training curriculum. Students are trained as "triple-threat" performers in singing, dancing and acting. This program continues to thrive, providing students with top-notch theatrical training, and providing the community with exciting musical and dramatic theatre experiences.


Theatre classes in both the Lower and Upper Schools cover acting techniques as the students prepare for two major theatrical productions each year on our well-equipped proscenium stage.


Our Lower School students are featured in a winter musical production as well as an additional theatrical production as part of their promotion ceremony in late spring. Upper School students perform in two, full-scale productions...a winter play and our spring musical.

Technical Theatre & Stagecraft

As part of our holistic approach to theatre education, the Technical Theatre/Stagecraft program is dedicated to training students in all aspects of theatre production. While our talented student actors are performing on stage, our enthusiastic student technical crew is busily working backstage. From the scenic designs to the lighting and sound plans; from the stage management to the costume changes, our technical students do it all!

Stagecraft courses concentrate on safety and proper use of theatre machinery paired with a solid training program in theatrical painting techniques, scenic construction, lighting techniques, sound execution, costume building and prop creation. Every theatrical production at The Banff School is run by the Stagecraft students. By allowing them to gain this hands-on experience, we ensure the students leaving our Stagecraft program are properly prepared for college and professional-level theatrical work.

Visual Arts

The Banff Visual Arts program introduces students to all aspects of the world around them.  Through analysis of their environment in terms of color, light, line, texture and space, they develop an increased visual awareness and sensitivity which reflects in their artwork.  Students work in a diverse range of media including drawing, painting, prints and sculpture.  Visits made to art museums encourage students to perceive their own work in an historical and cultural context. Visual Arts is included in all grades for the Lower School as additional enrichment activities and as an academic elective in the Upper School. Our Visual Art activities enable students of all abilities and experiences to explore the arts at a higher level.  


Each year, students showcase their work as the school is transformed into an art gallery for our annual spring "Visual Arts Showcase." Guests, parents and friends, are invited to this public viewing – one of the highlights of The Banff School year. 

A private, independent, college-preparatory school serving grades PreSchool - 12th grade.

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