Middle & Upper School

Advisory Program


Teacher/Student Mentoring

Advisors and students are assigned in small groups, which are chosen by the administration in an attempt to create a positive relationship between the staff and students. The goal of Advisory is for students to have at least one faculty member who serves as a contact person and mentor for that student. 


The Advisory groups meet each Friday and participate in team-building exercises, conversation prompts and discussions about current events, both on-campus and around the world. This program strives to help students to feel more connected to Banff. When students are more connected to their school, they generally perform better academically and show positive results in attendance, behavior, on-time graduation, and social development.


The Banff Advisory program offers emotional support for students during adolescence. Advisory offers support in two forms. First, it supplies built-in peer groups for all students, including new students. Second, it gives students an adult who knows them well and who can offer advocacy and support in difficult social and academic situations. 


Advocates of advisory programs see a direct link between a student’s emotional and social experience and academic achievement. Advisory promotes self-esteem and provides peer recognition in an accepting environment, offsetting peer pressure and negative responses from peers in other areas. 


A private, independent, college-preparatory school serving grades PreSchool - 12th grade.

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