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Technology Requirements for 6th-12th Grade

Over the years, The Banff School has researched, implemented and adapted different technology programs for our 6th-12th grade students. After assessing the different options and programs, as well as their inidivudal benfits and costs, we have agreed that a 1-to-1 technology program with student-owned devices provides more benefits and value to our students since families retain ownership of the technology device instead of paying for it through higher tuition costs and having to ultimately return the device back to the school. Family ownership of technology devices also gives our students an increased sense of responsibility and pride in their device as well as allows them to customize their technology to help meet their own, specific educational goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions below to help families with ensuring they have the correct required technology for their student's class.

Students in 6th-12th grades are responsible for providing a 13-inch (or larger) Apple MacBook laptop.

Students are welcome to use previously owned Macbooks, as long as they meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be able to run macOS 11 (“Big Sur”) or higher.
  • Working Wi-Fi hardware.
  • Free of screen defects such as large scratches or cracks that hinder screen viewing.
  • Has working keyboard (all keys).
  • Has a working headphone jack (or student must have Bluetooth headphones).
  • Has an appropriate power adapter/charging cable and can hold a charge for a minimum of 7 hours.
  • Has sufficient hard drive space for all school-required apps, iBook textbooks, Google Classroom documents or other classwork documents/requirements. A 256 GB hard drive with minimal personal applications or data present should be sufficient. Students may have to remove personal applications or documents if sufficient hard drive space is not available for schoolwork.
  • Has a minimum of 8GB of memory.
Families can purchase their own device at any Apple retailer, or they can visit the Banff's Apple Store page to purchase the required MacBook. The Macbook listed as the recommended device on the school's Apple Store page meets the minimum requirements the school has set for student devices. Families are welcome to add memory, hardware upgrades, or purchase any other MacBook that exceeds the minimum requirements. 

The Banff Apple Store offers all the same great features you would find when shopping on the regular Apple Store website, including free delivery, device engraving and in-store pickup. All devices on Banff's Apple Store are priced at discounted educational costs, and parents will also have the option of financing their purchase through Apple with affordable monthly payments.

The Banff School strongly recommends parents add the optional AppleCare+ coverage to their student's device. AppleCare+ covers accidental damage and other support issues, allowing parents to be confident that their student's device is properly protected and will last them through their time at Banff.

Please note: The Banff School receives no profit from the purchase of these devices through Apple.

Because the devices are owned by the students, accessories (such as cases, covers, etc.) are completely up to the family to add, as long as they do not distract or deter the student (or his/her peers) from learning in the classroom.

If the app is required for a part of the normal school curriculum, the school will purchase the app and deliver it automatically to the student's device. In the case of textbooks viewed through the Apple Books app, student's SchoolAdmin accounts will be charged the digital textbook cost and the textbook license will automatically be delivered to the student's device.

Students will be required to enroll their devices with the school before they can use them in the classroom. More information about this process will be available at the beginning of the school year.

The student’s device is their responsibility, in the same way that their textbooks, notebooks and binders are their responsibility. The Banff School is not responsible for loss or damage of a student’s device. We recommend purchasing AppleCare+ for your student’s device. We also recommend enrolling the device in the "Find my iPad" section of the student iCloud account. Doing so allows the device to be locked down if deemed lost or stolen. More information about this can be found on Apple's website

Yes, before bringing the device on campus, the student and parents must sign and agree to The Banff School's "Personal Technology Device Agreement" as well as the "Technology Acceptable Use Agreement" documents.