Kindergarten Curriculum


The Kindergarten reading program is filled with the tools necessary for leading students down the path of literacy. The program combines reading and writing into a creative, positive and successful experience. Understanding the need for, as well as the appreciation of, literature is the primary goal. A balance of freedom and guidance enables students to develop their own cognitive reasoning skills and creative insight. They will be taught phonics, word skill, attack skills, and do sight words to develop reading. The children will also use songs and rhymes to develop oral expression.


The Mathematics program uses a variety of manipulatives in order to enhance the learning process. Reproducing, sorting, clarifying, geometric shapes, number operations and extended patterns are some of the many basic themes covered. In order to stimulate interest and excitement, games and other group activities are frequently used.


Exploring science is another important aspect of Kindergarten. The world around us is filled with tremendous wonders, which the students need to explore in order to understand. Experiments and hands-on activities provide great opportunities for discovery.


All students follow a program of visual art throughout the year culminating in the Banff School Art Festival, where they show several pieces of art. The program explores the use of diverse media and various sources from photographs to famous paintings to the student's own environment.

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