Middle School Electives

Film Studies

The course is both a film history course and a genre study course, as students study important film movements as well as the conventions of a genre. Film Study is not intended to be a course solely for aspiring filmmakers; however, a few creative independent and group projects will challenge students to make their own movies, which will be screened at a student film festival held at the end of the school year. To learn more about our Fine Arts offerings, please visit our FINE ARTS page.

Personal Wellness & Sports

The Banff School strives to provide varied sports and wellness activities each year. Housed in our fully equipped gymnasium, students are offered participation in such sporting activities as: basketball, volleyball, baseball, track, tennis and more. Many of these same sports are also offered in a competitive option such as our basketball and volleyball teams. To learn more about our Athletics offerings, please visit our ATHLETICS page.

Robotics, Math & Computing

The Banff School is one of the very few schools in the Houston area to offer computer science to Middle School students. Students use a Raspberry Pi computer, which is a cost- effective, fully functional computer about the size of a credit card, to write programs that control the sensors and electronics of a robot. Due to the numerous opportunities and scholarships available to those pursuing STEM degrees, and in particular the special incentives for women to enter STEM fields, this course is extremely advantageous to Banff students.

Theatre Arts

This course is for learning techniques and methods behind being a skilled performer. It focuses on foundational performance skills and scene study. Students delve into specific schools of acting technique and theory, directing, script analysis and scene study. While this course does culminate in a production as "Theatre Production" does, this class will have plenty of performance opportunities as we learn IMPROV, scene studies, monologues, and more. Two years of this course are required for those students wishing to graduate with a “Distinction in Theatre.” To learn more about our Performing Arts offerings, please visit our FINE ARTS page.

Theatre Production

The Banff School musical and drama productions are second to none. Staged in our fully equipped proscenium theatre, Banff strives to bring a professional quality to each show. The students have the opportunity to participate in several shows throughout the year to showcase their many talents. Students are instructed in the "triple-threat" core of theatre classes with instruction in acting, vocal performance and dance. Three years of this course are required for those students wishing to graduate with a “Distinction in Theatre.” To learn more about our Performing Arts offerings, please visit our FINE ARTS page.

Visual Art & Digital Photography

Art at Banff is a much-loved subject. Students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different types of art from the masters to modern contemporary works. Our studio work is geared towards the creation of a portfolio for each student. In early Spring, the school is transformed in to an Art Gallery where students showcase their work for the year. To learn more about our Visual Arts offerings, please visit our FINE ARTS page.

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