Committee Make-up

Each Committee shall have a Chair, if additional members then a co-Chair, Secretary, and then regular members.  Duration of time spent serving on a committee are at the members’ discretion but typically for at least half an academic year.  To resign from a committee, members should inform a member of the Board directly so additional volunteers can be solicited.


Committee Responsibilities

Committees shall be responsible to develop plans for the execution of events which have been approved by the PTO organization in regular meetings.  These plans should be within the budget allocated for each event.  The Committee Chair shall contact the secretary and ensure they are on the agenda in order to report any progress on their remit during regular meetings.


2016-2017 PTO Committees


The Communications committee will be responsible for the development of letters, flyers, emails, and other forms of communications with the overall organization and the public.  The communications committee shall also have responsibility for maintenance of the website including posting of:

  • Original bylaws and amendments 

  • Minutes of all meetings

  • Annual budget


The communications committee shall also be responsible for maintaining a hard copy binder labelled “Banff PTO Records” and make it available for viewing at any time in the school’s front office which shall include the following:

  • Original bylaws and amendments

  • Minutes of all meetings

  • Annual budget, approved revisions and monthly financial reports 

  • Current membership enrollment list of names 


Typically, the Secretary is a member of the communications committee but is not necessarily the chair.



The Membership committee is responsible for membership drives, outreach to the school community, tracking active/inactive members, and soliciting volunteers for upcoming events.



The Fundraising Committee is responsible for organizing any fundraising events such as dinner nights at local restaurants, managing the vending machines at the school, and organizing the Spring Carnival.


Family Events

The Family Event Committee is responsible for organizing events which foster greater community within the school.  This includes movie nights, game nights, meet-ups/playdates, and other opportunities to build stronger relationships between students and families.



The Hospitality Committee is responsible for organizing Teacher Appreciation, supporting school functions such as the Grandparents & Parents Breakfasts.  The Hospitality Committee shall have responsibility for hosting Regular meetings which includes provision of light snacks, beverages, and greeting members as they arrive.  Additionally, the Hospitality Committee shall coordinate events, such as the following, each year:



- Grandparents/Parents Breakfast 

- Provide Baked Goodies for teachers/staff on Parent Teacher Conference Day


- Valentines Day

- Provide Baked Goodies for teachers/staff on Parent Teacher Conference Day

- Teacher Appreciation Week

General Activities

- Guests Speakers

- Visiting Authors

- Career Day

- Junior Achievement

- STEM Presentation

- Field Trip organization



The Nominating Committee is responsible for developing the ballot, organizing the vote in the annual meeting, soliciting candidates, and developing and maintaining the class-parent structure.



The Auditing Committee is responsible for reviewing the organization’s financial records annually and reporting out in the annual meeting in accordance with Article VIII Section 8 of the PTO Policies & Procedures.

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