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2019-2020 Audition Information

Please read through all of these instructions carefully! The selection of the acting scenes and songs does not necessarily indicate the show we will perform this year. These songs were selected for their similarity in style and scope to one of many possible shows being considered.

ALL students enrolled in Performing Arts must participate in the audition: 



    • All new students must participate in the "Acting Audition." Participation in the "Singing Audition" is optional, but only those students who do participate in the "Singing Audition" will be considered for a supporting/leading role with song solos.​


    • All returning students (this means you have been in this class before), must participate in both the "Acting Audition" and the "Singing Audition."

All material for the acting and singing auditions will be taught and rehearsed in class the first week of school, with auditions happening on Monday, August 26th and Tuesday, August 27th in class. You are being given the material now if you want a head start on learning/memorizing/rehearsing.

Casting Process

Casting is done using the following criteria (in order of importance):

  1. Ability to handle and perform the role well. Yes, this is an appraisal of talent, but also, and perhaps more importantly, of work ethic and, most of all, attitude. How a student has behaved before in class, in sows (and yes, even in shows in Lower School!) all play a part in this criteria.

  2. Does the student physically and vocally fit the role? The audience must be able to accept the actor as the character for the show to work.

  3. Energy, volume, confidence, attitude and preparedness at auditions. If a student isn’t prepared for the audition, it is hard to assume they will take their role in the show and the work involved seriously.

  4. Seniority: If the director feels that two students are equally right for a role, the role will go to the older student. However, if the best person for a role is a 6th-11th grader, it will go to that person. Being a senior or upperclassman does not automatically guarantee an actor a principal role.

Acting Audition

You are being provided with a selection of short monologues of differing styles and characters. Choose one that you feel best suits your skills and acting style. Download the acting audition materials HERE.

Singing Audition

Male actors should sing the song "One Normal Night," while female actors should sing the song "Crazier Then You." Sheet music is available to download and 3 versions of each song are available in the music player below: a reference recording of the song with an actor singing the part, a piano-only version of the accompaniment to rehearse with and a final "Audition" version of the song, which is the track we will use during auditions. Download the sheet music HERE.

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