It's The Banff School's 50th Anniversary! Be a part of this amazing legacy by joining our Annual Giving Campaign for the 2019-2020 school year: $50 for the 50th! The Banff School Annual Giving Campaign is designed to help the school fund the gap between the cost of providing an exceptional education for our students and the actual income received through your tuition fees without the need to raise tuition substantially for our families. In honor of our 50th anniversary, we are asking all Banff families and friends to consider a $50 gift in honor of this momentous occasion.

But I already pay tuition. Shouldn't that cover all of the costs of educating my child?

As with the case of any private school, the answer is, unfortunately, no. Tuition only covers approximately 90% of the costs of educating each student. Without additional support and funds to cover the 10% gap, the integral components of our rich and robust program, which make Banff special and unique, would be compromised. The school could continue to operate if we didn't host any fundraising endeavors...but it is the extra funds raised from events, like our Annual Giving Campaign, that allow us to continue adding new educational programs, improving our campus, expanding our enrichment offerings and continuing to grow our community. Yes, it is an additional expense, but the contribution from every family is appreciated, no matter the amount.

Is everyone being asked to participate?

Yes! This is a community-wide fundraising program. We hope you join our Board of Directors, our faculty, staff and administration in this effort. We are aiming for 100% involvement from everyone.

$50 for the 50th Special Edition Shirts

Every family that donates a minimum of $50 will receive a special edition Banff 50th Anniversary t-shirt. This t-shirt, featuring the school's 50th anniversary logo is offered in colors not available on the school's Spirit Store - you can only get them by joining the $50 for the 50th campaign! And, for every additional $50 in donations, you get an additional shirt!

If giving online, any donor who selects an amount that is $50 or higher will be contacted to select their desired t-shirt size.


How do I give?

We have made the contribution process as quick and easy as possible. Simply use the "Givelify" link below, enter your donation amount, select either "recurring" to make it a monthly payment or "one-time" to make a single gift, enter your credit card information...and you are done! Checks will also be accepted at the Banff front office (please note "Annual Giving" in the memo line). 

The Banff School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.


A private, independent, college-preparatory school serving grades PreSchool - 12th grade.

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The Banff School is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation