2nd Grade Curriculum


Language Arts

The major objectives of the Language program are literacy appreciation, vocabulary development, critical and creative thinking, reading comprehension, and application of reading and writing skills. Speaking skills are also emphasized at the elementary level. Students will use phonetic reasoning and the six syllables of the English language and enjoy entertaining others with stories, poems and through other dramatic venues.


Second Graders begin to use their growing language skills by writing personal narratives, friendly letters, descriptive essays, short stories and poetry. Students will engage in activities that build on their prior knowledge and skills in order to strengthen their reading, writing and oral language skills.



Second Grade is to develop numeracy in addition and subtraction in all its varied forms from working solely with numbers to telling time and understanding measurements of distance, weight and volume, leading to multiplication and division. Problem solving is also an important part of the course because it teaches students how to practically apply their mathematical skills. Second Grade students are also developing an understanding of the base-ten place value system, comparing and ordering whole numbers, applying addition and subtraction and using measurement processes.



By the Second Grade, our students are ready to learn the scientific method of experimentation and recording data, and they begin to apply this knowledge to plant and animal life, properties of matter, different forms of energy and our solar system. They are also addressing the major concepts and vocabulary of science.


Social Studies

In the Second Grade, students explore communities from their local neighborhoods to the wider world and are introduced to topics such as mapping, geography, government and history. In this class, students are also developing the concepts of time and chronology.



Our Elementary students study Spanish. Students are taught basic vocabulary and greeting skills as well as more complex skills such as verb usage and tenses. Students are encouraged to converse in Spanish with other students in order to build an even greater understanding of the language. Tools such as literature, music and video are also used.


Performing Arts

Students take part in two full-scale musical productions each school year in our brand new fine arts complex. While rehearsing for their productions, students learn proper breathing techniques, performance skills, and basic theatre terminology and practices.


Visual Arts

All students follow a program of visual art throughout the year culminating in the Banff School Art Festival, where they show several pieces of art. The program explores the use of diverse media and various sources from photographs to famous paintings to the student's own environment.


Physical Education

A full curriculum is taught that includes skill building, hand/eye coordination and motor skill refinements. Students will be taught to utilize agility, endurance and teamwork by participating in exercise drills and sport games. Healthy lifestyles in and out of the school gym are encouraged and supported.



Our Elementary students refine their computer skills in a number of classes. At Banff we introduce technology at an early age to prepare students for future classes.

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